Saturday, 11 October 2008

Saturday afternoon in town

We headed into town this afternoon, and for the first time we went without a stroller. It was very liberating!

We went to Kulturhuset and painted glasses in the temporary Middle Ages Museum - 20kr each was a pretty good deal. They are open for painting each weekend between 2-5, just in case anyone else is interested. Kieran painted his and I painted Makaila's.

Then we headed up to Rum for Barn (Kid's Room) for a play. We also borrowed a few books while we were there, seeing as it is a library. They have a great range of kids' books in both Swedish and English, we got a couple of each. There is also a temporary exhibition of bronze animals which is really nice.

Afterwards we went to the Pizza Hut for dinner!!! First time I have been there in about 20 years (literally). The kids love eating out.

It was after bedtime by the time we got back to our train station and to keep the kids' energy levels up for the 10 minute walk home we played a game that we all loved - they led Ty home blind! He kept his eyes closed the whole way! It was lots of fun. I'm not sure who laughed hardest, them or me. He was very brave, and very trusting of his children!!

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