Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Eget Företag Mässa - Day 1

Went along to the fair today and had a look around, listened to a seminar and saw the award presented for New Business of the Year.

When I went last year I found it very useful and took the opportunity to suck up information like a sponge. This year I found there to be fewer exhibitors and less interesting seminars - hopefully it is only because I don't quite have the same need for information. On the otherhand I know now exactly what I need and was more able to make use of those who were there, even if I was missing those who weren't.

One thing that struck me is there seem to be a massive increase in web-based services - business networks, financial services, web designers, business associations etc etc.
A sign of the times? Or people getting in on a growing market?

Interested? Check out the video blog (in Swedish).

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