Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Belgrade Connection Vernissage

I picked up four lovely little kids today from daycare. Some of the staff thought I was daring but they (the kids) were all delightful.They took turns riding in the Chariot.
My task was to deliver them to LOD, where their parents were.
We stayed a while for the vernissage. Who can refuse a glass of champagne?
The photos at the back show what was sent in the jiffy bag.
The pieces are what was then created.
The kids hung out in the darkness of the bathroom, played with their neon sticks and stuffed their faces with popcorn.

1 comment:

  1. Nicole, you are the best. Thanks a lot for bringing the kids. They hanged on until half past ten. Then they had no more to give : ) We had a really nice evening all of us. Then we took a cab home. You have taken so nice pictures!

    It was lovely to see you at LOD.

    Bless you!