Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mamma Mu & The Crow

Can't say I have ever been in the minority in the theatre before - not when it come to the adult/child ratios - but there has to be a first time for everything. Not only was it a first for me, but also for Makaila & Kieran - their first trip to see the big screen.

With Ty refusing to got to the theatre to see a Swedish kid's movie, Helena came along to partake in the event (that was her excuse anyway) and we headed in despite Makaila's cold getting worse by the hour.

It was cute, crazy and lots of fun. While Makaila sniffed her way through the movie, Kieran giggled, chuckled and laughed out loud. He really enjoyed the antics of this crazy cow and crow combo.With all the Disney productions around it is really nice to see a Swedish one - I hope they translate it and sell it abroad. Afterall, the books seem to do well and have been very popular with the friends we have given them to.

We came home and put Makaila to bed, while the rest of us enjoyed a yummy dinner.


  1. Felix & me love the books & I'm seriously considering letting this film be his first cinematic experience, I'm glad you enjoyed it & I hope Makailas cold gets better soon!

  2. Definitely a great one for a first! Go on - throw caution to the wind - do it! It is great to see a book come to life.