Thursday, 16 October 2008

Instegsjobb - not exactly news but....

they seem to be advertising it all over the place at the moment.

This government initiative is designed to assist those newly arrived in Sweden get into the workforce. It is part of the government's rhetoric about utanförskapet - or making sure no-one is on the outer, un-included.

Those new to Sweden, or who have been granted residency in the last 36 months can be eligible to have 75% of their salary paid for up to 24 months, reviewed every six months. There seems to be a lot of flexibility allowed with room for either full or part-time and temporary or permanent positions.

The goal is to make better and faster use of untapped resources, providing newcomers with a smooth and swift entry to the workforce. It is also designed to assist them learn Swedish faster, as they need to be simultaneously studying, thus getting both the theory and much needed practice at the same idea. It is the task of the local unemployment offices to provide information and help newcomers and employers find each other.

It seems that this government initiative has not been as successful as was anticipated, so the unemployment office is now running a campaign to increase awareness of this opportunity. With times being as tough as they are and the government conscious of the half-way mark to the next election, it is probably a good time to talk to potential employers and apply for this program.

You can even pop into your local office and pick up some business cards or order a brochure in easy Swedish or a number of other languages.

In theory it sounds great, wonder if it is working in reality....

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