Monday, 20 October 2008

Choice is over-rated

Our daily routine consists of (among other things) getting 2 kids to day-care each morning and picking them up in the afternoon.

It is a 10 minute drive, a 35+ min walk, a 15 minute bike-ride or a 30 minute walk & subway ride.

We had a car, we almost always drove. It is a matter of convenience.
We had a car. It was written off after another car rear-ended me so now we are without and I'm in no hurry to get another.
I am also without a monthly train pass as I don't really need one, so biking is the best option - and I love it!!

I squash two little bottoms into the Chariot and off we go! The worst part is the hills in this part of town. Not too sure how much longer I can do it - it is starting to get cold, although I don't mind the rain if it is just spitting.

I've always said driving is like watching TV - you have a rectangle frame in front of you that you passively view the world through. Things swish by without you even noticing.

On a bike you are part of the world, you live it, you feel it. You smell the air and all the scents around you, be it blossom in the spring or the damp leaves on the ground in the autumn. You feel the air, the sun, the rain. You hear the sounds around you, cars, other bikers, kids calling out, dogs barking. You feel every slight inclination and you know you are alive when you are heading up the hills.

I love the magnificent colours of autumn. I love my bike, and I love being forced to ride through the leaves, everyday.

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