Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Missing my old friend

Taking a life leads to much contemplation, even if it is for humane purposes.

Where is my friend who curls up beside me when I am working during the day?
Where is my friend who sleeps on the end of my bed at night and greets me when I wake in the morning?
Where is my friend who gives his unconditional love to me, day in, day out?

I miss my old friend, as I sit here yet again, contemplating life, and death. And try and explain it to my children....


  1. We had our golden retriever Boris put down in 2005 & it was the most miserable day of my life, I felt like a traitor & a heartless bastard when I took him to the vet & sat down beside him holding him as they gave him the shot, I was in tears as he drifted off & to this day when I think of it my heart hurts, my eyes get wet & all the memories come back:( A pet is the most dedicated companion you can have & their love is unconditional... as long as they get food & a pat on the back every now & then:D

    What I can't figure out is why pets/animals are designed to live shorter than humans, maybe it's a process we need to go through & was planned that way? Anyway I'm sure you'll be getting a new cat & you'll grow to love it as much as Mischa!

    We just tell Felix that Boris is in dog heaven which is right next door to where grandmother & our other loved ones are, not that I'm much of a believer myself but that's a discussion I'll bring up with him when he's a bit older, no need to make things more complicated than they already are!:D

  2. the end of a life is one thing, ending it adds a whole new dimension.

    And yes, there has been a lot of talking about life and death in this household the last few days. We have a number of books dealing with death after their grandfather's death last year.

    They have had a good dose of it, but seem to be doing just fine.

    The place is empty but we'll wait until after we get back from Oz to get a new furry creature - unless you want to cat-sit while we are away - Smilla would love it!! LOL!

  3. Well I do like cats but unfortunetly I'm allergic, I can take a couple of hours visiting friends with cats but after that my nose starts running & my eyes start itching & it becomes uncomfortable, allergy pills help rid most of it though!

    Speaking of allergy a friend of mine who LOVES cats but is allergic has just borrowed a sphynx (canadian hairless!) to find out whether or not it'll work, apparantly they don't create the same allergic reaction, I guess cos' they have no fur coat!

    Anyway I'm rambling on, waiting until after OZ sounds like a good idea!