Friday, 24 October 2008

Alternative Medicine

According to this article there is not much point in me taking St Johns Wort. And the homeopathic remedies I give to the kids have nothing more than a placebo effect.

These gentlemen have recently released a book outlining their studies and clinical research of alternative methods and medicine. There are many who are more than pleased to see it translated to Swedish and hopefully put some end to all the bogus companies earning money from our naiivity.I guess we have to leave it to the multi-national pharmaceutical companies to earn all the money - because according to these guys conventional medicine is the answer. Placebo effect or not, is it better that we fill our bodies with all those lovely chemicals the pharmaceutical companies produce?

Kind of reminds me of how my mum's MS specialist told her it was hocus pocus that she had actually improved from taking huge doses of Evening Primrose Oil.

I never believed in homeopathy either, unitl I started giving it to my children. But a 3 month old baby knows it is going to make them better, right? Placebo effect.

Mmmm...... anthroposophical medicine, detox, chiropracters, reflexology, acupuncture and countless other methods and professions might all be on their way out.....

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