Sunday, 19 June 2011

Where to now?

Clearly I lost momentum. The photo a day was easier said than done - even though I really enjoyed it while it lasted and I love photos (both taking them and looking at others), I lost momentum.

Life somehow got very, very busy for a while there. Between work and kids with all their activities I just didn't manage to maintain it and once I stopped it was hard to get started again - I mean what was I supposed to do - go back and fill in the photos for the last month or just skip a month and keep going?

I watched a tv program this morning about blogging and realised how much I miss the blogging life, both writing and reading other blogs. As is often the case in life coincidences seem to gather and a conversation yesterday prompted me to read a blog post I wrote in 2008. I looked back through the topics dated from February 2008 and onwards and the variety in my writing became evident. Nowdays conscious of "my audience" and my "purpose" I suddenly saw my blog before me as a record of my life and my thoughts. The posts I read felt very precious.

Life is precious and as someone once said the memories are a wonderful gift to my children. Something they will cherish in years to come. And as the days of writing long letters are over I will endeavour to continue sharing my life and my experiences here. For the hell of it. Because I enjoy writing, exploring my thoughts and observations, and taking photos.

And now I found the iPhone app which should make things a whole lot easier.

Seeya soon!

And for the day's photo(s):

I went to Ikea today to get a couple of frames. Makaila asked a few days ago why we don't have their art hanging around the place like everyone else does. This wall used to be covered in photos but has been empty since it was painted.
I managed to get in and out of Ikea with exactly what I went there for despite the temptation to linger, dream and spend money. I think their art looks brilliant, and beautiful. I want them everywhere.