Saturday, 25 October 2008

As Green As It Gets

A spontaneous questionnaire of 1000 people by branding management consultants Differ gave the following list of Sweden's greenest brands
1. Änglamark (200 products in their range)
2. Grumme (wonderful cleaning products that were around long before the rest of us started thinking environmentally)
3. Coop (supermarket)
4. Skona (Ica supermarket's brand)
5. Arla (dairy)

SJ (national train company) topped the list in the transport sector and Toyota in the car sector.

Coop is a double winner coming at third place and having their organic brand coming in in first place. Personally I've always been really impressed with Coop - now I'd just like to see them go the next step and ban Brazilian Beef and be more conscious in their seafood department.

Organic and environmentally friendly don't always go hand in hand - but at least so many of us are becoming increasingly conscious of our choices.

Interesting report and it can be downloaded (in Swedish) from the Differ site.

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