Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Wireless Internet in Canada

Ever since Zak told me about his new wireless internet for his laptop I have been on a mission to see if I can get wireless internet in Canada.

We are going to be there for six weeks and we will spend most of our time at the cottage just outside of Wiarton. We have no telephone line hooked up anymore and I am going to need to work. The guys will be building my website while I am away and I want to be able to talk to them as they progress.

Unfortunately Sweden is a whole world away from Canada when it comes to internet and mobile phones (they still pay for incoming calls!!!). Ty and I have searched high and low on the net for info, his mum has been ringing around and last night he got on the phone and rang a couple of service providers. I have emailed a couple of website companies to see if they can help and last night I emailed a bed-n-breakfast in Wiarton, here's what I said:

Hi - I don't live in the country but I will be in Wiarton for 6 weeks over the summer. I am going to need internet access while I am there - we have a cottage but we don't even have a telephone line. Is there ANY chance I could rent some space from you - come over a couple of times a week and check my email etc. I know this is an odd request but I seem to be coming to a dead end everywhere else I turn. Much appreciation for your time. Sincerely

This was her response:

It's not that an unusual request. I have a few people doing this. So yes, I can accommodate you. Will you bring a laptop or do you need my computer? I do not expect rent for this, I offer it as a courtesy.

What a very nice person!! I was thrilled by her response, needless to say!!

She runs the Gadd-About Bed & Breakfast in Wiarton - if ever you are in the neighborhood and not staying with us........


  1. I entered Canada last year (2007) on our vacation with Verizon cell phones and a Verizon broadband cellular card for my laptop. The cell phones worked great, but at a significant roaming cost. The broadband card did not work at all, and I resorted to visiting local coffee shops for "free" wi-fi (see note below). Also, when you go to the coffee shop at 11 PM to blog and check email, expect a visit. As noted in my blog about the trip, Constable Hunter (OPP) was very professional. I'm a cop here in the States, maybe that was why we got along so well.

    Cross posted from My Summer Vacation...

    Nic, there are a couple of wi-fi spots in Sauble Beach. This particular coffee shop is on the left hand side of the main road (route number escapes me) from Owen Sound. It is just a bit past the Sauble Beach welcome center, and if you get to the grocery, you've gone too far. There are a couple other cafes, along the coast road north, closer to the beach proper, that also offered wi-fi. I encourage you to purchase a muffin or biscotti or something - several of the waitstaff became irritable if I just sat there, checked email, uploaded photos, or blogged without buying anything from them.

    ... end cross posting.

  2. The Cafe mentioned is probably Macbeths; the information centre is no longer there as a landmark, but as you enter the beach off the Hepworth road, it will be easy to find. I have heard that Greenhorn across the street also has Wifi-with-purchase available. You can also search for "internet" on http://sbp.teledyn.com

  3. thanks!! I found MacBeths on the net as well as a couple of others in Sauble. Thanks for your comments!