Saturday, 7 June 2008

Castles, ducks and a cool breeze

After having put in a couple of hours this morning it was time to leave Ty at home this afternoon to get some work done.

Guess where we headed?

Can you spot our local beach? It is almost dead centre in the middle of this picture.
Funnily enough it was not as busy this afternoon and as we plonked ourselves down on the sand I realised why - the breeze was much cooler today and the sun did not quite have the same bite to it.

While that kept me out of the water it did not stop my crazy kids - on the otherhand once was enough for them and they were freezing for ages afterwards. Makaila dealt with it by busily building herself a sandcastle, moat included. Kieran lay cutely beside me on his towel, lapping up the sun.

In the midst of the castle building Makaila dropped her bickie in the sand, which Kieran eagerly retrieved. He welcomed my suggestion to feed it to the duck but the trouble is he didn't let go of it, getting bit in the process. Well, pecked at least. While he has a great love of anything that moves he also has much respect. It both hurt him and scared him, sending him crying in to my arms.

Another sunny summer afternoon. The worst part is I left my camera at Helena and Patrik's the other night so you will have to wait for the photos!!

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