Sunday, 1 June 2008

A good start, a less-than-good ending

I helped Lynessa move today from a run-down apartment in a divey area to a really nice, clean, modern place in a great location. It was a good feeling, and a relief to see that change in her life. It will make a big difference to her, in a positive way, and she deserves that.

I dropped Yvonne home after we spent most of the day lifting and carrying, and just had to drop in to McDonalds. I was hungry and knew there was no food at home and I had to go to a board meeting for our housing association as soon as I got home.

Got my trash food and was heading home when BANG! Another car smacked in to the back of me. Shakily we both got out of the car, exchanged details and she apologised profusely, taking full responsibility. If I had have gone through the stop sign like she expected, she would have too and then have been totaled by a big bus coming through.

Now I have to deal with the car, the chance that they might write it off, giving us a lot less than it would cost to replace it, and I need to go to the docs and get checked out - my neck is sore tonight. Such a hassle, not something we need in our lives right now.

And the thought of getting back in the car again tomorrow is scary, especially as it is the second accident I have had in the last 12 months - even if it wasn't my fault this time.

And we still have no food in the house..........

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  1. Åh Nicole. Stackars stackars dig. Hoppas att allt bara ordnar sig och att ni får en fantastisk semester.