Sunday, 8 June 2008

Another day at the beach

Today we went to the beach at Kärsögården (to the right of Brostugan) on the way out to Drottningholm, with Yona, Christian, Noa and Zach. We took a picnic and the kids had a great time playing in the water, on the beach and in the playground. Good weather and lots to do outdoors - what more do they need?
The sun had a real bite to it today and we spent a fair bit of time in the shade. I am pink and after 3 days of great weather we are guessing that a lot of people will be back at work tomorrow sporting sunburn.

We picked up Thai take-away on the way home and sat on Yona & Christian's balcony savouring the warm evening, it was still high 20s at 7pm. We toasted to a long hot summer!

I just wish I had my camera!!

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