Monday, 16 June 2008

It started with a dream....

a dream that is, not a vision :D

I dreamt last night that Mel was offered a chance to take over a huge ladies fashion shop that was a bit out of town. She decided to take it on and strangely enough it was 10 years down the track so we were all 40 something and the clothes in this huge shop were classical and aimed at professional women.

I got involved and we decided to revolutionize the place - not the actual contents because they were all well-established brands but perhaps not so widely available in today's world of young fashion, but their way of working.

The first thing we did is start a fashion blog - not like all the popular ones out there today but in contrast to them, very tongue in cheek you might say. We would have "daily outfit" like all these young Swedish girls have on their blogs but we would do it with humor. The other thing we would do is start an internet shop and get this stuff out to a wider public.

It was fun, ambitious and cheeky. And a direct response to reading about the Sex in the City team in Sunday's newspaper!

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