Friday, 6 June 2008

National Day - summer is here!!

After getting the kids in to bed after 11pm last night we weren't too fast moving this morning, but we did manage to get out the door and down to Hässelby Castle for the National Day celebrations by about 11.30.

We met up with Sandee and Cat, who each had two kids with them, amidst the jumping castles and the ridiculously expensive kiddie rides. After a ration of one ride per child we sat down in the shade with hotdogs, cinnamon buns, juice and coffee. The five kids ran around in the hedge maze while Kieran went off to sleep in the pram. But it was too hot to be out in the sun for too long so Sandee and Cat each headed home to put the youngest ones to bed.

Makaila and I sat under the shade of a tree and listened to music and watched some teens acting out their own version of Snow White (interesting...).

We got home and watered the ever-drying grass while the Makaila and the now awake Kieran fooled around under the sprinkler. But enough was enough and I decided I wanted to get wet too! We headed down to the local beach admist the trees and all three of us went for a swim!! Everyone in the neighborhood was there and one of the dads I know thought the water was about 17-18oC. It was pretty chilly, needless to say we weren't in long. Well, at least I wasn't.

The kids ran in and out of the water, with shouts of glee! They were thrilled with their first swim for the season, thawing out on the hot sun in-between their dips. With boats on the water and ducks running around on the beach, kids everywhere and lots of sand toys there was plenty to keep them entertained. They had a great time playing in the sand and as always protested as best they could when it was time to go home. Even the knowledge that daddy was back from his camping trip was hardly enough to entice them away from this sparkling paradise.

Summer is here!! Yay!!

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