Monday, 23 June 2008

Sentimental VRS Minimalistic

I am sentimental, and have always had a hard time letting go. It comes from losing my father at an early age and clinging to anything that had anything to do with him. It also comes from my optimistic nature and all the possibilities that lie ahead.

Ty is minimalistic. He is forever cursing me for saving stuff, for having too much stuff, for taking up so much room in our little apartment.

Yet I cant' help but wonder if we just a product of, or a reaction to our parents?

My mum is minimalistic, getting rid of anything that is no longer needed, useful or of the highest sentimental value. She is very practical by nature.

Ty's parents are very sentimental, saving anything and everything. And now, as we go through his father's things, we can only wonder why some of this stuff was not thrown out years ago. It will be worse when the time comes to clean out his mother's place.

What will our kids be? Sentimental or minimalistic, or one of each?
Perhaps, hopefully, they will be balanced......

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