Monday, 23 June 2008

My kids love flying

The turtle suitcases are very popular and get lots of attention.

Movies are great!

But tiredness got the better of him in the end....

And then he slept most of the flight, leaving me with little room on which to sit.
Unfortunately his sister did not follow his example - she hardly slept the entire flight (a mere 30 mins)!

Robin picked us up and we left home at 7.30am, arriving at Grandma's at 10pm that night, or 4am Swedish time - so it was a 21 hour journey.

We all slept through the night and woke at 6 am. Makaila fell in to bed at 6 tonight, Kieran at least had a snooze during the day.

We'll see what tonight brings.


  1. Great plane pix - especially the one with the turtle suitcases! Hey - is M really tall?!

  2. She one notch over Swedish average and K is right on average. They are both a notch under average on the weight so she is tall and skinny. I think a notch is 10% or however they measure it.