Thursday, 6 November 2008

Sweden Needs Entrepreneurs

that much I have known for a long time.
And apparently so much so that the government is sponsoring a one year entrepreneur qualification through Handelsskolan.

It is a combination of theory and practical work aimed both at those with a dream and those who already have a business up and running but are in the process of expanding. The contact hours are limited to three half-days a week and includes a final project. Each participant spends lot of the time working independently on their business concept.


  1. Hi Nik

    This is good news but maybe the Swedish Government would create more enterprise if it wasnt so expensive to set up a limited (AB) company. I have heard some horror stories about this.

    Whilst I love Sweden, the red tape is a worry.


  2. It is absolutely not the easiest place in the world to set up and run a business - you are right there. But it is getting easier and there are a lot of resources around to help you along the way - there really is a lot of support out there.

    I did it in the 90s and find it quite different now to what it was back then.

    There is also talk or a proposal to introduce a new AB - a much cheaper one. Not sure how that will work but the reason is the competition from the UK - people are registering businesses there and working here - it is much cheaper on many fronts, the cost of the AB being the first. Still, there are pros and cons of being in the system here so it depends on where you are at in your life.