Monday, 24 November 2008

A birthday party in the snow

Snow was probably the best present Makaila got this birthday - especially just 2 weeks before we head off to the sun in Oz.

While we were inside preparing on Saturday the kids were out playing - having a great time tobogganing down the stairs (the slope got boring!). And I thought I had timid, undaring children!!
They were dumped out at the bottom of the stairs each time, laughing hysterically.

8 kids arrived in the afternoon and we headed down the hill to our little park to play hide-and-seek and a few other games. The kids had a great time while the adults tried to hover around the bbq, getting any heat they could. The final game was Ty hiding and who ever found him had to hide with him until they were all hiding in one spot. Problem is he hid so well and the parents were all busy chatting so when one of the kids came back and asked if they could at least have a clue, no-one knew where he was!! Luca (one of the littlest) eventually found him.

There was no way we could have had that many kids in our little place for long and the games and snow meant that although few of them knew each other they all ended up playing and having a great time together.

While we cooked hotdogs they tabogganed down the hills, the ice was well and truly broken. We all had saft (cordial/punch) and a hotdog before heading inside for warmth and cake.

I'm kind of really tickled pink to have had a party outside like we did - it is one thing to do it on a sunny afternoon in a park, something quite different in November. We were truley blessed with all the white fluffy stuff as the kids wanted to be outside in it anyway.

By the time they came in they were somewhat more settled and played nicely before having birthday cake.


  1. Looks like a great day and what a pretty birthday cake!

  2. Happy BIrthday Makailia, looks like you had a wonderful time. Hope you enjoy the sun and surf as much as the snow and cake.
    Love Maryanne

    ps what a Whale, once again the parents have out done themselves.