Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Christmasy Saturday in Stockholm

After a big sleep-in we headed into town to say hello to Tobias and Klara who were holding a vernissage at LOD today.

Every year we buy the kids an ornament to put on the Christmas tree, the idea is that they will have a collection for their own tree in years to come. We try and get something different each Christmas and we try and get something with the year on it. Usually we don't manage to find something this early in the season, but today we picked up this year's ornament.

Klara and Tobias share their gallery with four others and the six of them have each interpreted the Christmas star and made a tree ornament. Makaila chose the star Klara designed, Kieran chose the star Tobias designed - with the words to "Twinkle, twinkle little star around it". In the above photo you can see both Tobias's Twinkle, twinkle, little star, and Klara's which is also featured below.Ty & I both loved the snowflakes. They are lovely pieces with both the designers name and the year on them.We bought the collection, that way we won't have an empty tree when the kids leave home in years to come.

After LOD we headed in to NK to see the Christmas windows. There seemed to be stars everywhere.
The NK Christmas windows were pretty cool, each one was a huge box filled with presents made from a specific material. This one was china and glassPlastic.
M was very cute, pointing things out to her little bro.

Then we headed across the road to the little Christmas market in Kungsträgården.
And finally, we sat and watched the ice-skating for a few minutes before heading home.
I love Swedish Christmas markets. If you want to check some out this festive season have a look at AlltomStockholm, or StockholmTown. Alternatively google julmarknad Stockholm and you'll find a ton of them around the place - in squares, in castles, on islands and in galleries. Lots of fun and you might even pick up some nice things along the way.


  1. Vi blev så glada när ni kom! Överhuvudtaget var det fina människor på vår vernissage,ibland känner jag mig bara trött när det är över, igår vara jag glad.


  2. Lovely photos, Nicole.

    What a fantastic idea to collect Christmas decorations for the children every year. Not only will they have a wonderful collection when they leave home (aged about 35 if it's anything to go by these days!) but they will also have many happy memories of buying them.

    The NK windows are an Advent must see for me as well. They remind me of my childhood and the excitement we had waiting for the Myer windows to be unveiled.

    Stars are also the street lighting theme down here - it looks so pretty in the drab, grey November light. What a contrast to Christmas back "home".