Monday, 10 November 2008

Father's Day in Sweden

is on a different date compared to both Australia and Canada so there is the potential for us to celebrate all 3 - but one is enough and the Swedish one is the only one I remember. That's probably because I was aware of it being just a week or so before our first child was born.

As with most things here, there is not the hype about Father's Day that there is at home. People don't go all out with presents, booking restaurants for brunch, lunch or dinner. The celebration is more simple, if it is even remembered at all.

This family's dad got breakfast in bed, and a couple of yeasting baskets for his bread baking. Then he got up and cleaned up, and did 7 loads of laundry, played with Kieran and marked some assignments - all while Makaila and I went to a party.

Hope you had a happy Swedish Father's Day and that you remembered to at least tell your dad you're thinking of him - because dads are special and life should be celebrated.

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