Monday, 17 November 2008

Australian Embassy In Sweden

Ok, I will admit, it has been years since I went to the Embassy here in Stockholm and today I learned how things have changed.

In the 17 or so years I have a Swedish resident I have seen the Australian government put less and less money into this (and probably all others) embassy. There was a time when it was open to the public, where they had a library, borrowable material and regular pub nights.

Today I learned that I need to make an appointment before I can even step foot in the door!! But does it say that on the website? NO!! It says contact them for more information, a little here and there - but not - DO NOT TURN UP WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT!

I am at least grateful that they did let me in, not sure if that is because I have a friend in there or because that is just what they do - but I did get to go in and go through Makaila's new passport application and determine all the things that were wrong so I can come back tomorrow - or once I have a new photo of her, a new extract of the population registry and an appointment.The Australian government has always given me the impression that it's focus abroad is on making money - not helping Australians abroad. Promote the country, bring in the dollars and make things as difficult as possible for Aussies - after all, it is a privilage, not a right! Gotta love bureaucracy!!


  1. I've had the opposite experience with the British embassy.

    They were helpful in replacing my passport in 24 hours (after it was washed two days before a flight to the States) and they gave me good advice on when to turn up to avoid the crowds of visa-seekers.

    That said, they certainly like to pick the Brits' pockets - every little service costs a small fortune.

  2. I think your assessment of the Australian Government focus with it's overseas missions is spot on. It's the trade arm that is the most important.

    I won't even go into the saga of my passport renewal - it's too depressing. I hope you got yours sorted out okay.

  3. Really? I can only wonder.... Not sure I want to know Marie.

    d I'm glad to hear things are better for the Brits. And the austemb has been helpful at times, but not too many unfortunately.

  4. It's strange how many little popes there are around, in all sorts of positions, with little interest in preblem solving and helping. I always find these stories of bureaucracy both comforting - in the way that things aren't nearly as bad in Sweden when it comes to this as one might gather from experience - as well as completely annoying of course.