Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Australia here we come!!

I'm so relieved I could cry!! The trip is not only booked but paid for and the tickets issued. Decisions have been made, everything checked, permission given and there's no turning back!! We head off in December to the sun and warm weather, grandparents, family, cousins, friends and FUN!!

The lovely Jodi Roan at Australienresor helped my endlessly - I'm indebted to her gracefulness, patience and good service. THANKS JODI!!


  1. I'm jealous - as I walked through overcast Etuna today I thought of you and Oz.
    Is this a permanent move btw ?

  2. absolutely not!!!! Just a 5 week holiday ;-)
    Don't worry - with my mum as babysitter I will be able to work while I am there!!