Monday, 24 November 2008

The Darkness Of Winter In Sweden

takes us by surprise every year. Who would think this is just after 4pm? At least there was plenty of snow to brighten up our path home.

We're down to 7 hours of daylight, still another hour to lose. Easy to see why reflectors are so important, for young and old - and all those in-between.


  1. Hi Nic

    I love the way the Swedes just embrace the weather. IN England there is panic stations as soon as there is a snowflake.

    I love to see Mums and Dads with the kids on the pulkor!

  2. But I don't imagine it is quite the norm in England like it is here, or is it? Perhaps it depends on where. Just got off the phone from a friend in the Midlands who says they have a mild covering.

    Anyway I also love how people embrace it. If it continues snowing all night I think I too will ditch the stroller and take the kids to daycare on the pulka (sled/toboggan).

    It is beautiful out there isn't it?!