Thursday, 6 November 2008

Another remnant, gone...

I just watched my car being put on a flatbed and taken away. Written off. Gone to car heaven.

I've had that car since 97, almost as long as I had the cat. Remnants from my past, a whole lifetime away. Fragments from life as I once knew it, disappearing before my very eyes.

It is strange what it does, to the head, and to the heart.

Goodbye my faithful old car...


  1. R.I.P.!

    Hope you find a worthy replacement at some point, just remember it's only a car:D

  2. I know and it is pretty silly, just that I got both the cat and the car at the same time and it kind of seems significant. Still saying goodbye to that chapter of my life - the chapter that brought me to this country in the first place. I thought it was well and truly closed but things like this make me realise it isn't...

  3. Well I totally understand that they symbolize an important period in your life but just imagine the new era that the Ferrari Testarossa will represent!:D

  4. LOL (literally) !!! Yeah right - good one. Just got to get this site up and start making some money first!!!