Tuesday, 8 July 2008

World Dog Show 2008

In the days before we left for Canada my aunt - Judy, was staying with us. She timed her visit to see me and meet Ty and the kids before we headed off, and she stayed on to go to the World Dog Show in Stockholm. It had been about 10 years since we last saw each other and as I wrote earlier in my blog I'm so appreciative of the few days we had together.

The day we left she headed over to Karlstad to visit breeding friends, as well as one of her babies All The Rage, who she exported from Australia some years ago.

She then went off to England and back again in time for the Dog Show, where she enjoyed several days of dog events both out at Tullgarn Castle and the Alvsjö Exhibition Centre. Judy also showed her veteran Rage and was apparently applauded by the audience as she ran around the arena with her girl. If you look at the fifth photo down here you will see Judy on the left with Rage, who it seems was beaten by her daughter Lakila. You can also see Judy in the Gallery, in particular showing Rage here (first and second photos).

All in all it seems that Judy's breeding friends did very well and she put trophies and ribbons in our kitchen window for a few days to show off to our dog neighbours. It seems that she had a great time and in her email to me wrote I just love Sweden and Stockholm and the people are just wonderful. Always nice to hear!

She should be home by now and I'm sure she will be updating her site with all the news - take a look at www.fjweis.com if you want to see some beautiful dogs.

Glad it was such a successful and enjoyable trip Judy - see you next time in Brisbane and I look forward to reading your blog once you get started!!

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