Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Gleason Brook Pottery

While out on our Sunday drive to look at the caves we stopped in at Timothy Smith’s studio just a stone’s throw away. The buildings and gardens were magnificent as was his work which we went inside to look at. We could easily have picked up a couple of items but know we already have a lot to take home. Instead we stood outside chatting to Timothy himself and two of his three teenagers.

Lovely man, as were his children (not to mention the dog that happily fetched the ball for the kids) and although he does not have a website you might find some of his work on www.osartistsco-op.com – well worth a visit if you are in the area!! We will be back another year to make some purchases if not this).

Next on our list was Don Dubois’s studio – some magnificent pieces and we could easily spent some money there too but it will have to wait until we have the mansion in which to display them (ha ha!!).

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