Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Pigeon anyone?

We've just been to the St Jacob's Farmers' Market and stocked up on meat, fruit and veggies before we head back north this afternoon to the cottage. We came in to town on Sunday night to meet up with Roberth and Anna (Swedish friends) who are driving in from New York sometime today.

The next point of call was The Hoffman Farm - Ty's cousin's place where we go for strawberries. We bought 2 cases with 6 punnets in each - one for us, one for Judy who wants to make strawberry jam.

We had a chat to Ken, Ty's cousin's husband about their pigeon business - turns out he was interviewed in the local paper last week - click here to read the article yourself and I will post pictures in a few days. We were there last week looking around - it is fascinating to see little pigeons just a day or two old. The kids loved it! We didn't have a camera with us but we will be back at the farm Saturday for a family reunion so hopefully I can get some shots then.

It is inspiring to hear Ken talk about the pigeon business - he is a true entrepreneur and a real optimist - they are down, but not beaten.

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