Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Kieran, tractors, Wally & Andrew

We called in at Wally & Lois' on the way home from the cottage and picked up our 3 litre supply of maple syrup to take home.

Then we went on over to Wally's shop where he sells and repairs farm equipment - from chain saws to big harvesting machinery. After having a look around and a chat we went out back to where cousin Andrew was fixing tractors.

Kieran was in awe - looking at all the machinery and he was suitably impressed to know that Andrew pulls these things apart, fixes them and puts them back together again.

While Ty, Andrew, Wally and Lois stood talking, Makaila played with Rosie the dog and Kieran and I went out to inspect all the tractors. He climbed on some of the old Massey-Fergusson tractors, taking his little red Massey-Fergusson with him.

Then it was time for Kieran and Makaila to have a tractor ride. Kieran had his own little seat next to Wally, seat belt and all, Makaila stood on the other side and held on. She waved and smiled and looked like she was having a great time. He was solemn, did not say a word and we wondered if he was going to burst in to tears.
They went round the carpark and backed back into the parking spot. Makaila said it was fun but bumpy, she had to hold on. Kieran said nothing.

That night when I was putting them to bed he said he loved it, he was just disappointed he didn't get to drive the tractor and that it was just a short ride, he wanted to go on a long ride.

I've seen that solumn look in his eyes before, he gets it when he is so excited that he is so excited that he just absorbs everything around him, the sights, the sounds, the whole experience. I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him working side by side with Andrrew some time in the future. At this point in his little life, it would be a dream come true for him.

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