Monday, 28 July 2008

Bob & Ev came to visit

Bob is an old family friend and someone we have seen a lot of over the years. Makaila was out on the property watching Paul and Bob at work even before she could walk. It was great to see him and Ev and the kids loved every minute of their day at the cottage - the photos will explain why.

Hiding with them in their cubby house and discussing lost teeth and all sorts of other things.

The cubby house built from the vines that daddy and Mark pulled off the trees. They cut down the vines - I built the cubby.

Discussing the riding of her new bicycle. The little miss now puts her hands on her hips to make a point!

A dangerous kind of ride but one that was lots and lots of fun!

Teaching a hysterical Kieran to march - he laughed so hard all the way up and back on the road.

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