Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Baking Queen and the Maple King

Aunt Lois and Uncle Wally stayed at the Cottage with us for a couple of days while attending a Maple Syrup convention in nearby Owen Sound. The Baking Queen bought us a box of Cherry Buns. Yum, yum – was I on a diet?? Days later it was revealed by her daughter she seems to only makes them for Ty….

Wally, The Maple Syrup King, has been making this golden nectar as long as anyone can remember. We were lucky enough to be here last year while the syrup was being harvested so I have a much better understanding of how the production cycle works. It was interesting to hear about the maple syrup convention, the new methods and the market potential for new Maple Products. Mmmmm….. perhaps we should start importing Wally’s maple syrup in to Sweden.

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