Friday, 4 July 2008

Sauble Beach

We packed a picnic, all the swimming stuff and sand toys and headed to Sauble Beach Wednesday. Voted by Readers Digest readers as the best freshwater beach in the province and by someone else as the second best beach in Ontario, it a wonder to this Aussie beach-goer. How can a freshwater beach look exactly like Rosebud with sand, waves, dunes and seashells? We are miles and miles from the sea!

Yet Ontario’s Rosebud it is – and it even has the township to go with it. The difference being that Rosebud is one of many hubs along the Mornington Peninsula whereas Sauble Beach is it – you have all the surf shops, beachy gift shops, fish’n’chip shops, mini golfs and amusement parks with waterslides all packed in to the one little hub – it looks, and feels like a compact Rosebud. I feel right at home – even if Ty thinks it is trashy and touristy – I love it!

We paid the ridiculous and irritating $10 a day parking fee an went over the dunes to the beach. It was overcast, windy and very choppy, but we decided to hang out there for a while anway.
The kids were thrilled, to say the least. They took off towards the water and ran, splashed and jumped to their heart’s content. We sat further back on damp sand, chuckling at them, and at ourselves trying to keep warm. Makaila came back for her wetsuit, Kieran for his bathers and they took their sand toys back down for more fun in the water. We were astounded to see them running in and out of the shallows, lying in a big puddle and all-in-all, behaving as if it was 10°C warmer.They came back a while later, Kieran exhausted and ready for a nap, Makaila cold. He lay down on the blanket, covered in towels, and went to sleep, Makaila headed for the sand dunes on the look out for shells. I lay beside Kieran and continued to read until the overcast sky and the unrelenting wind meant it was too cold for me in shorts and a tshirt, and I was concerned about the slightly damp boy beside me.
We called it a day and promised to come back again when the weather is better.

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