Thursday, 1 May 2008


We celebrated Valborg last night, another of Sweden's old pagan traditions, as did probably almost every other Swede, with dinner and standing around a fire.

Our tradition is to have dinner with Helena and Patrik, Robert and Mathias, but parents of these teens are more often on their own than not so it was just the four of us and the youngest two this year.

The traffic down was so thick it took us almost 2 hours to get to their place, twice as long as it usually takes, so Kieran was beyond dinner by the time we got there. The rest of us had no problem filling our faces with delicious salads and grilled kababs and salmon. Couple of glasses of wine went down nicely too.....

The kids are always excited to see Helena and Patrik and they were very excited about seeing the fire, hearing the oldies play some Swedish music, the fishing set up for the kids (the fish was a bag of candy) and all the people gathered around.

There were a couple of hundred people at their local hembygdsförening (historical association).And in true Valborg fashion it rained!

We wandered home again after an hour or so, had coffee, fruit salad and chatted for a couple of hours. Makaila's first viewing of Cinderella kept her awake, but Kieran couldn't last the distance. She joined him in slumberland in the car on the way home.

Spring is officially here!!!

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