Sunday, 18 May 2008

Saturday at Hundstallet

I did have visions of us riding our bikes up to Åkeshov on Saturday but was way too exhausted to even think about it. So we drove up to Åkeshov 100 Year Anniversary of Hundstallet - The Stockholm Lost Dogs Home.

Makaila and Kieran love the story of Lady and the Tramp, so they know all about street dogs but I was relieved to be able to tell them that they just find new homes for them, rather than put an end to their lives.

The Home is beautifully located next to Åkeshov Slott and Judarskogen, where the kids are every Friday with the daycare group, so we know the area well. We often see the volunteers walking the dogs through the forest. It was great to go in behind the otherwise closed doors and see both the pens and the dogs housed there.

I was pleased to see that they didn't seem to be running at full capacity, many of the dogs were staff and volunteers' dogs which had all originally come from the Home. Some we got to pat, others we were warned not too. Some were very affectionate and just wanted us to take them home - but that wouldn't be too popular with Mischa!

Afterwards we went into the Kattstallet, housed in the same building. Our friend Kristi volunteers there once a week so it was nice too to go in and see what it is like. Mischa and Sascha came from a cat home south of town so I am more familiar with hour they operate.
We got to see some very lovely kitty's there too and the temptation is always there - would Mischa like a friend??
Afterwards we walked around in the park where there were numerous tents and stalls set up with lots to see and do. I signed some petitions, the kids patted some sheep and finished off with the weekly pony-ride (this is starting to get dangerous). I dragged them away from there kicking and screaming for more.......

It was a lovely couple of hours and I hope they do it again next year. It is great publicity for the Homes and I hope everyone out there seriously considers going there to buy their next cat or dog - they need a home too....

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