Sunday, 11 May 2008

Spånga Gymnasium

Today we made it to their open day, despite a rough night with two over-tired kids. And it was well worth the couple of hours we spent there. We picked up Mel and Luca on our way and we all walked the few minutes from their place down to the school.

Spånga Gymnasium is a very unusual senior high school. While many of the high schools have a profile in order to attract students this one has a profile like no other. They have over 1000 animals and more than 90 different species, many of them endangered. The students learn about everything to do with animals and go on to work with animals, as zoo keepers, vets etc. The school also has a strong environmental focus.

Every year they are open to the public and the place just seems to get better and better. The kids were beside themselves when we went into the room with all the turtles, snakes, lizards and fish. Makaila and I think patting the snake was the best part, it slithered on to our hands and was really beautiful.

We went on to look at a variety of birds, including Aussie parrots, sheep, rabbits, dogs, pigs, guinnea pigs, chickens, crows, mice, rats, fowl of various kinds etc etc. Many of the animals were available to be patted and all in all the kids loved it. Well worth a visit if ever you get a chance - can you imagine learning in this environment?? You can see some of their photos on the school's blog.

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