Saturday, 3 May 2008

A glorious spring day at Skansen

We managed to drag Tyler away from home and get him to Skansen. The kids were very excited about the prospect of seeing animals and going out for the day. And Skansen was in full bloom.

There were threats of rain, luckily they didn't eventuate. It was a little overcast but all in all a glorious spring day.The colours were so vibrant, everything looked so beautiful, quaint, picturesque! The trees and the grass at this time of year are the most amazing light green colour - the colour of new growth. Glorious!!!
We went for the animals and we saw bears and her cubs, a lynx, seals, moose, reindeer, horses, sheep, goats, bison, rabbits, wolves, wolverines, otters, wild boar, ponies, bunnies, chickens, apes, peacocks and parrots.
We took our lunch and the only money we spent once we got in there was on the pony rides.

Ohhh Athena and Ellandi I only wish you could have been with us today instead of going to Skansen on that cool day in March.

Stockholm was buzzing with people thrilled to be out and about in the sunshine.

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