Sunday, 4 May 2008

Another glorious afternoon in the sunshine

This time at Hästa Gård, a hobby farm set up to expose city kids to farming and animals. They were having an open day, which we would never had known about if it wasn't for Yona and Christian.

After a lazy Sunday morning we dragged the kids out (who were busy playing) into the sunshine and into the car for a 10 minute drive out to Akalla.

The afternoon started with a compulsory pony ride for Kieran who seems to LOVE these animals. The bigger the better. He won't settle with a little pony - he wants a big horse! He was so tiny on this huge horse that one of the organisers came and took a photo to use in next year's promotions. He loves the walk around and sits ever so quietly looking at the horse and all around - absorbing every precious moment.
Hästa Gård is one of the many 4H gårds set up around the country to expose the young and old to farming and animals and on this open day there were a number of 4H gårds set up with a display, different activities and animals to connect with. The kids patted sheep and their lambs, rabbits, piglets that were smaller than the rabbits, guinnea pigs, and we saw chickens and goats with their kids as well as cows.

We all went on a horse and cart ride and then Christian, Tyler and I had a go on a climbing wall. It was fun but challenging and a little scary once you get up a few metres. But it was too challenging for any of us to get all the way to the top.

Afterwards we all sat in the garden and the adults drank coffee while Makaila, Kieran, Noa and Zak played, picked flowers and rolled around in the grass.
The sun shone brilliantly and all in all a lovely afternoon was had by all.

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