Thursday, 15 May 2008

Domestic duties - blah!!!!

My sick son slept until 8.30 so my truant playing (wagging for the Aussies) daughter and I baked a cake first thing this morning.
I cleaned up afterwards.

He woke up and we ate breakfast together.
I cleaned up afterwards.

They painted - the paper, the kitchen table and the floor (accidentally of course....)
I cleaned up afterwards.

The boy got in the bath to clean the paint off himself.
I cleaned up afterwards.

We ate lunch.
I cleaned up afterwards.

They watched a movie.
I cleaned up all their summer clothes and finally got them into the cupboards.

They played.
We all cleaned up afterwards (mostly T).

I made dinner.
I cleaned up afterwards.

T came home - thank goodness!!!

We ate, read stories and put the kids to bed. Another day bites the dust.

It is the 3rd day this week my boy has been at home sick and with T running national tests I have had no choice but to be at home.
Now I too feel the burning in the chest when I cough. Great!!

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