Sunday, 11 May 2008

Saturday with Mel and Luca

We went over in the afternoon to go to Spånga Gymnasium's open day but never got further than the garden. It was so lovely just hanging out under the apple blossom.

Kieran helped Mel with some digging, Makaila played with Luca and Tyler ended up heading off to a friends place to help him out - between games of football/soccer with the kids and checking out the garden.

Ande's dad called in and kicked a few balls in to the net (Makaila was an excellent goalie), his mum called in with a friend and had a glass of wine with us all the while poor Ande was at work, shopping in Beijing.

The evening was far too pleasant to be going home so we stayed and had a BBQ dinner. The kids ran around madly most of the day and we took them home and got them in to bed. Both of them way beyond exhausted, Kieran with a cough and a cold getting a stronger hold (lack of sleep doesn't help).

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