Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Champagne Breakfast on a Monday morning

It is not every Monday morning that someone hands you a glass of real champagne and a trendy little shrimp sandwich - but hey, who am I to complain - let alone refuse??

I went to a breakfast meeting with Vanessa, one of my Våga Språnget colleagues, held by Connect in their courtyard in Östermalm. Connect is yet another of the many business organisations whose goal is to encourage entrepreneurial development through information, networking, coaching, training, financing and lobbying. While they have a membership base they also have a number of meetings open to the public.

Monday morning's meeting was about employment in the future and the difference between "us" and the young ones of today, the ones we will employ in the future. It was an interesting meeting, where values and expectational differences were exposed and one which made me feel I am heading in the right direction. It was sponsored by Starnox, a company matching internships with students.

On Tuesday morning Vanessa and I headed back to another Connect breakfast, this time held at Stockholm's prestigious School of Economics and one that was a little more up our alley. While the breakfast of juice and a sandwich was not quite as attractive the subject material - Sell, Sell, Sell definitely was.

This time there were three very different speakers, each with a very different background and variation in their message to an audience of entrepreneurs, all keen to learn from their experience. The speakers were Robert Szabo from Matrisen, Peter Bruzelius from Säljkompetens, and finally Mats Mårtensson and Martin Sahlberg from Keyman. While there was great variation in their messages there was a lot to be gained from listening to them. They were interesting and thought provoking.

As with all these events there is a chance to mingle, find out who is around and what they are doing, and exchange business cards - because you just never know....
Connect is an interesting organisation and I shall keep my eye on what they have to offer.

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