Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Våga Språnget

Today was the grand finalé of our Våga Språnget program - a program where 17 women were selected to meet every two to three weeks to participate in a seminar and together form a network.
The seminars have included marketing, finance, internet marketing, daily book-keeping, sales and incorporating the running of a business into the rest of life and have been held by a series of guests with Monica B-W from Nyföretagarcentrum holdng the reins.

Our group f 17 women is incredibly varied with a webshop for fashion, a webshop for design, a couple of different body therapists, a guide, a coach, an inventor, an importer, an artist, a HR specialist, a musician and a new fruit concept - just to name a few. We haven't had much time during the program to really talk at any depth, it has just been a case of updating each other with snippets of information in the little time left over on a Wednesday afternoon.

Our grand finalé was indeed that, we had four guests come in and talk about their work. They inspired us, the gave us tips, information and advice, and in many ways were the most interesting speakers we had listened to.

Then with just one hour left in the program a magnum of sparkly stuff was opened and we drank to the success of our business ventures and to our very own network. To sum up our experiences from this program we each chose one of Monica's discussion cards that best described our feelings. These beautiful cards matched the emotion in the room and as we went around the group words like inspiration, energy, excitment, hope, optimism and togetherness all melted together to describe Våga Språnget and Monica B-W's involvement.

I took a lovely picture of an apple tree - because this group is rich in many ways and is the fruit born by the success of Våga Språnget. And because together, as a network and a support group we will bear much fruit in the future!

The best of luck to my fellow Våga Språnget colleagues and I look forward to our Wednesday lunches and hearing how things are progressing!

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