Thursday, 18 September 2008

Swedish freedom of information

The openness off information in this country never ceases to amaze me and I'm sure it horrifies many.

Today I discovered a new site as I was browsing Internet World's Blog called For the non-Swedes amongst us that translates to All Companies and it lives up to its name.

Put a person's name, a company name or a sector into the top search criteria, and add an address, region or town to the bottom one (or leave it empty) and all sorts of information will appear.

Find out just how many companies a person has registered and which ones are no longer active. If they are limited companies you can see who the CEO is, how many people are employed, contact details, board members, key figures for the last few years etc etc. For a nominal fee you can order an annual report, annual accounts and financial ratios as well as a credit check.

Even I'm in there, but surprisingly it does not list my first company which was closed several years ago.

WOW!! It was all public information before, but suddenly it is so much more accessible.

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