Sunday, 14 September 2008

Aussies, Americans & Brits at Gröna Lund

Finally, we got to go to Gröna Lund.
It is Makaila's favorite place. Probably Kieran's now too.
Heading over to Djurgården on the ferry.

M posing on their first ride, K on the horse behind her.

K & I on a little roller-coaster. M & a friend sitting in the last carriage.

The free-fall ride.

The girls enjoying a day out with the kids as well as a
chance to catch up - minus the usual glasses of wine.
Can you guess which is the Aussie, which is the Brit and which is the American?

All the kiddies (bar one) together on the little viking ship.

It was a lot of fun to go on so many rides with so many friends.

Kieran's favorite ride.

Their first taste of fairy floss (no - they did not eat it all!)

I love the gardens in Gröna Lund.

It is not called the Green Area for nothing.

All our bunch (still minus one).
A mix of half swedes and half Aussies, Americans and Brits.
Had M been to the far left they would even had been in order of age.

On the ferry heading back to Slussen.
It was a fun, sunny, albeit chilly day at Gröna Lund today.
Lots of fun was had by all, mums included.


  1. Hi, Thank you for dropping by my blog. I'm really glad to meet another Australasian living in Sweden :) Cute photos of Gröna Lund, it looks like almost too much fun. I've been there a couple of times now but still haven't had the guts to take all the rides! Will definitely look through your older posts. Perhaps there are some words of wisdom there for me :-) Raiha

  2. Your welcome - nice to read another Australasian's point of view - a little fresher than mine but not all that different?!