Sunday, 21 September 2008

A festive weekend

While our diner with Helena & Patrik was cancelled due to the flu (a common occurrence for about 9 months of the year) we managed to have a last meal with our friends and neighbours before they head off to Canada for a month.

Friday night I had been craving good food, good company and red wine - but no-one was around - including Ty. Saturday night I got my fill - as well as a whole lot of kid craziness. The worst thing about living in a small place is not being able to send the kids upstairs, downstairs, outside or anywhere else when we have friends over and want to be able to talk while we eat!

Sunday afternoon was time for another kid's birthday party, but this was no ordinary birthday party. We spent a few hours at Sandee & Robert's celebrating Josh's 3rd birthday, but also eating smoked salmon, proscitto, a cheese platter including rum & gooseberry jam, figs, atichokes, salad, crackers, aoli and ..... red wine!
My kind of kid's party!

Robert, Leo, Josh and Sandee put on a great afternoon.

The kids played like mad things and the adults did their best to talk. Yet again, the joys of a small apartment got the better of all of us so we took the kids out into the glorious autumn sunshine to continue their wild play in the park.

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