Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Compact Living

I often chuckle to myself when I look in my wardrobe and I think of our friends and family at home almost every time I do.

I chuckle at how little space we have, and how different things are in Canada and Australia - no walk in robe here! Ty's clothes are in the closet to the left, mine is the one to the right- they are packed full and every bit of space is used.

Up above our clothes cabinets we have a big cupboard that until this week was just an open space with everything shoved in. But a weekend away required sleeping bags, and consequently everything was pulled out, a shelf was built and VOILA!! the space can suddenly be used in a whole new way. Hey I think we even gained a little space as a result!

What a difference a shelf makes. The joys of compact living!! Yeah, we could sell our place and buy something further out, perhaps even have some change left over. But we like it here, even if the compact living gets a bit much sometimes...

Now, where else can we put up a shelf?

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