Monday, 1 September 2008

The last day of summer...

We got the chance on the weekend to head out into Stockholm's archipelago, and more specifically to Yxlan, just outside Norrtälje. We went to stay with a Swedish-American family.

We drove over 8 islands to get there, before finally taking the (free) car ferry over to the island they have their summer house on.

With lots of space to run around and two girls aged 4 and 7, it was a real treat for our two.

As you can see by our clothes, it was sunny, but far from warm on this final day of "summer".

We ate, drank, walked, played in the sand and talked. Then we talked some more and ate some more, all the while the kids played, played and played some more. A great weekend was had by all - Ty even confessed he hadn't thought about work all weekend!!

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