Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A day with my son

As I was heading in to town to have lunch with a couple of friends I decided it was a good opportunity to keep my tired, sooky, mummy's boy at home - knowing there would probably be other kids at the lunch. So in we headed, marvelling along the way at how a few red leaves can brighten up an otherwise dead boring train station.

Problem is when we came to the planned meeting spot there was no-one in sight and a quick phone call revealed I had my days mixed up - it was to be tomorrow instead. After much cursing I decided to just enjoy the time with my boy and so I did, we sat outside in the sun and enjoyed a sandwich together.

On our way to do an errand we passed the old Astoria Theatre on Nybrogatan. I seem to remember hearing about the theatre, but it is not all that often I find myself in this part of town and it seems that until today, I had managed to pass by oblivious of any change. But as we strolled along in the sunshine it was impossible to miss, so we went in for a look.

Having been to the Stockholm 2030 event last night I couldn't help but think that there must have been someting more interesting, more culturally enriching they could have done with the old theatre, than turn it over to Urban Outfitters.

It is a beautiful building, with beautiful fixtures. Having been in there today I think it should be classified as nothing more than a Wasted Space!

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