Thursday, 25 September 2008

A glorious autumn day

My day started with a breakfast meeting at Stockholm Business Region and a presentation, based on independent research, about where Sweden stands when it comes to international investment compared to other European cities, the forecast for investment and the current trends.

This was followed by a presentation about "Cleantech" and how strong Stockholm, and Sweden are in the race for investment opportunities. It was inspiring to hear that we are one of the strongest countries in the world in environmental terms and that the number of people coming here to see how things are done, will grow.

Unfortunately I didn't take any notes during either of these very interesting presentations so I dare not relay too much back to you. While I was a little tempted to ask for copies of their slides, I chickened out...

Afterwards I went up to Kulturhuset (The Culture House) and couldn't help but notice the massive Vision 2030 sign above the entrance. It is kind of like when you meet someone for the first time and suddenly you find yourself bumping in to them all over the place. Well, Vision 2030 seems to be everywhere I turn at the moment.

I sat in the library for a couple of hours and did some work.
It has free internet connection and a fabulous view.

On my way out I headed down past the current Stockholm Bygger (Stockholm is building) project at street entry. I love models and I particularly love this one of Stockholm. It would be a great place to bring relocation clients to give them an overview of the place and help them get a feel for the different parts of town.

Looking down Sveavägen to the Kulturhuset and beyond, from Wenner Gren Centre.

Across Djurården to Gamla Stan and beyond.

From Globen in the south, looking north.

Then I headed off to Kungträgården and had lunch in a particularly popular restaurant at the end of the park. I met with some of the women from Mums In Sweden, caught up with a few I know and met a few new faces. While the food was ok.... the company was great and the weather was perfect. Sitting outside was divine, it is amazing how you appreciate the small things in life after a few cold, wet and windy weeks.

Tell me this was not a magnificent view from our table??

Let's hope this glorious weather holds up for just a little bit longer.

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  1. love the miniature map... should be quite helpful to find my way around on my bicycle...

    do you work with the stockholm municipality?

    About a year or so I interviewed people there on the topic of rising water levels (due to climate change) and apparently theres a plan to raise certain bridges and areas such as Gamla Stan and Hammarbysjöstad.