Friday, 8 February 2008

Yesterday was a big day

I did it - I finally did it -I handed in an application yesterday for a grant to start my own business - a-kassa for 6 months.

It felt like such a big thing to do and such a anti-climax when I had done it. I wanted to do it this week (have been trying to get this far for months) and as I got to this week I decided I wanted to hand it in today - it would have been Paul, my FIL's 63rd birthday and I'm hoping for some good karma.

After I handed it it I rang my contact person who finally answered his phone and told him I had left it for him. He went and got it and said he would look through it straight away and let me know when he had passed it on to Arbetsförmedlingen Expo who get a consultant to assess it. I got off the phone and felt like bursting in to tears.

The idea first came to me two years ago and while a friend Hester and I started writing a book I have turned it in to a business concept. I believe in it more than anything I have ever believed in in all my life, although it is very, very scary to follow it through.

It is amazing how much goes in to it - a personal statement with the business idea, the reason I want to start a company, a 10 page business plan and 7 appendixes with a pricing structure, budgets, and examples of the need. 25 pages all in all. I even added something to the business plan this afternoon before taking it in - and the plan has been ready for the longest time. Translating it to Swedish was tricky - I can't believe I did that myself!! I never manage to translate to Swedish - but I have spoken so much about it in Swedish that it wasn't that hard and a couple of friends edited it for me.

Last night I felt grumpy, relieved and emotional. And tired. I have worked hard and have spent most days at the library in Odenplan these last few weeks - amazing how much more work I get done there. I am very pleased with myself and now I'm scared. Suddenly it is in someone else's hands. I need this grant to take the financial pressure off that has been there for such a long time.

It is all very exciting, but scary too - one foot in front of the other, that is what I keep telling myself.

Thanks for listening (ok reading).

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I'll tell you more in time to come.

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